FREE To the future that depicts the art of freedom

We are committed to valuing freedom and building sympathy and solidarity around the world. We respect innovative and flexible ideas, explore new possibilities and continue to take on the challenges to build a future that depicts the art of freedom.

ONE WORLD Working together to build the future

We are not bound by regional or national boundaries. We respect and cooperate with different cultures and values to contribute to the development of the entire planet. Under the slogan "ONE WORLD," we continue to move toward a world where we can build the future together.

SMILE Contributing to society with the power of smile

"SMILE" gives us the power. We support others and work with local communities to help build a sustainable and prosperous future. We maximize the power of the smile because we believe that people's smiles create positive social change.


Development background and our wishes

Challenges to the future

Our project to generate water from the air is deeply rooted in our passion for the future and our strong belief in contributing to the global environment. For decades, we have been facing serious environmental problems such as global warming and water scarcity.

To address them, we have determined to break away from the conventional approach and forge a new path. This determination led us to develop POTORI, an atmospheric water generator.

Handing down our wishes to posterity

It has been more than 20 years since my first business was launched. Over that time, I have felt a change in my thoughts about how my company and business should be. While working on numerous overseas projects, I became aware of the difference between common sense in Japan and the rest of the world. As I had a stronger attachment to Japan, I realized that I was a member of a group that needed to make the world a better place.

In the course of various business activities, I met Kiyokazu Miyaji, the developer of the then lesser-known "atmospheric water generator". Then, I was determined to start this project. It has been a very difficult road, but with the support of many talented and passionate colleagues, we have been able to start this business.

What we can do may make a small difference in the world. But we believe that our wishes will lead to a better future.

Advancing technologies while overcoming challenges

The creation of environmentally friendly water has entailed a series of technological innovations and challenges in the face of adversity. Our goal has always been to develop a device that can produce water to minimize our impact on the global environment and provide sustainable access to water for people around the world. We are proud of this technology because it can help preserve beautiful water for future generations.

Establishing a sustainable future

Our corporate philosophy is to build a sustainable future. We are committed to seriously addressing a variety of issues on the earth and making the most of new technologies and innovations to build an eco-friendly future.
We believe that even a small step of generating water from the air will produce a huge ripple effect to bring new hope to the earth.


Message to the future

We include our message to the future in our project. We believe that even a small step can make a huge difference in the future. We keep trying with continuous development and passion for the earth, the future and new generations.

We declare that the "POTORI" will take a journey to generate water from the air and build a sustainable future.





Water production amount 1000L/day
Power supply Three-phase AC200V
Weight Approximately 1500kg
Size W2300×D1570×H2600(mm)
Type room temperature water



Water production amount 450L/day
Power supply Single phase AC230V
Weight Approximately 870kg
Size W2250×D1100×H900(mm)
Type room temperature water



Water production amount 200L/day
Power supply Three-phase AC200V
Weight Approximately 270kg
Size W1450×D520×H1740(mm)
Type cold and hot water



Water production amount 50L/day
Power supply Single phase AC100V
Weight Approximately 98kg
Size W920×D470×H1400(mm)
Type cold and hot water



Water production amount 50L/day
Power supply Single phase AC100V
Weight Approximately 78kg
Size W750×D400×H1400(mm)
Type room temperature water

製品画像:FR-10(under development)

FR-10(under development)

Water production amount 10L/day
Power supply Single phase AC100V
Weight Approximately 43kg
Size W390×D460×H1390(mm)
Type cold and hot water

PROJECTEnvironment improvement project

Off-grid solar power

Installing a small water source provides onsite water infrastructure.

Water generating plant

POTORI can produce a large quantity of water even in an area with poor electricity infrastructure. For example, a factory installs solar panels on its roof and operates multiple units of POTORI in the building.

Air energy

Extracting water from the air ensures access to both safe water and energy. It can also realize the hydrogen society as the 1MW power plant can generate 32 tons of hydrogen per year.

Recycling type (reuse of wastewater)

The water produced by the water machine is purified and filtered in various ways and reused. This way, once water is produced, only the water that is needed for drinking or evaporation/dissipation needs to be produced using a water maker, which also reduces electricity costs.

Compatible with multiple water sources.

In addition to producing water from the air, it is possible to produce drinking water and water for domestic use by using all kinds of water sources, such as rainwater, rivers, lakes, and groundwater.