写真:Yuji Takahashi

Yuji Takahashi


Takahashi started his own business in 2001. Currently, as a representative of 7 companies and a board member of 3 companies in Japan and abroad, he stands at the forefront to aggressively work on projects and businesses to solve problems and connect with the future. He is committed to making an atmospheric water generator one of the solutions to the world's water problems. He will continue to gather professionals from all walks of life to take on the big challenges to improve environmental issues as much as possible for our future children.

写真:Kiyokazu Miyachi

Kiyokazu Miyachi

- Development Manager

Miyachi, the third-generation owner of Miyachi Corporation, a water supply equipment company, established an in-house development department 25 years ago to make the most of his experience and knowledge in the design and development of electrical and electronic equipment. There, he developed many solar power generators during the early days of the solar power industry and LED light sources. As business with international customers increased, Miyachi learned about water problems around the world and desired to use his experience and knowledge to solve them. He then became the development manager of the atmospheric water generator and developed various types of generators.

写真:Hajime Uchida

Hajime Uchida

- Manufacturing Manager

Uchida has been working in the manufacturing industry for more than three decades and has acquired a wide range of techniques such as sheet metal processing and can making. He has been involved in the manufacture of various products, including medical equipment, dyeing machines, and transportation equipment. He believes that the best part of manufacturing is not just " producing equipment", but also improving quality and cost competitiveness. As a manufacturing manager, his ultimate mission is to contribute to the world by making the most of his experience and knowledge to manufacture an atmospheric water generator that can solve the world's water crisis.

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    - Company Attorney
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    - Company Accountant